Wedgewater™ Filter Media

Four Reasons to use the Wedgewater System

  • Poly Filter Panel

    The Wedgewater™ filter system is made up of 12″ square by two inch high interlocking high-strength polyurethane media tiles. The media features a special non-clogging design, easy maintenance, and near perfect reliability.

  • Filter Bed

    The Wedgewater™ system only requires a mere portion of the space used for sand drying beds. No special skills required to operate. Just fill the bed, wait a few days, then remove the dried sludge and clean the bed. The system functions by force of gravity without supervision, and the only energy costs are the minor requirements of the auxiliary pumping and polymer equipment. And with the Wedgewater™ Filter Bed system, there is no ongoing media loss as is the case with sand beds.

  • Filter Bed Separation

    Practically indestructible, the Gravity Flow Systems Southwest, Inc. high-strength polyurethane media provides all of the process advantages of our stainless steel Wedgewater™ Filter beds in a very economical, corrosion-proof sludge dewatering bed. Fast sludge dewatering in a limited space, ease of use and maintenance, and a low to no energy consumption makes Wedgewater™ the green choice for the environmentally conscience. design lets you put them where you need them, as you need them.

  • Filter Bed Waste Pickup

    Flocculated solids are placed on top of a bed containing the Wedgewater™ media. Typical water and wastewater treatment plant sludges can be dewatered to a liftable, truckable state in only a few days, compared to weeks or months with the normal sand drying beds. The system provides high capture rates and extremely clean filtrate. Dried solids removal can be accomplished using a small front-end loader. Once the cake solids have been removed, the bed can be washed down with a hose and is ready to go again.

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Wedgewater™ Filter Bed System Bullet Points Brochure

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Filter Bed System Brochure

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