Wedgewater™ Sieve

The Wedgewater™ Sieve takes maximum advantage of the basic principles of physics to reliably screen and classify. This well-documented technology has been proven effective in meeting the demands of municipal and industrial processing and treatment.

The Wedgewater™ Sieve is powered by the force of gravity. No power is necessary to operate the unit. The Wedgewater™ Sieve is self-cleaning, and it is unaffected by variations in influent. The adjustable screen angle allows sieve capacity to be reset to meet variations in flow. Control of moisture content in the separated solids is also accomplished through changes in sieve screen angle. The screen is reversible in the direction of flow, effectively doubling its useful lifespan. Screen slot openings are available in a range from 0.005” to 0.125”. LOW INITIAL COST The Wedgewater™ Sieve takes maximum advantage of the laws of physics. It is therefore a simple, inexpensive device which employs no motor or moving parts. Installation is quick and compatible with either Flanged or Coupling pipe connections.

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Wedgewater™ Sieve


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